Dental Dashboard™

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Introducing the Newest and Most Accurate Practice Management Tool For Real-Time Consulting!

At last, we took the guesswork out of practice management! Doctors no longer have to micro-manage and rely on sporadic reports collected from staff members… Now, the Dental Dashboard™ offers the newest and most accurate real-time consulting method to manage your practice and staff on a daily basis through online virtual diary entries. Staff members enter assigned statistics while our consultants monitor the numbers. The capability to generate real-time reports offers you a result unparalleled by any other program. You will now be able to pinpoint exactly where the trouble areas in your practice are and finally fix them once and for all!

Dental Dashboard™ will:

  • Provide gauges for the doctor and staff so they can see how they are doing.
  • Allow the dentist to focus on dentistry, while always knowing “the pulse of the practice.”
  • Continue to make sure that staff are doing their jobs and are accountable for their actions.
  • Cut down on staff-resisted micro-managing.
  • Give you access to your vital information via Internet from anywhere at any time.
  • Be viewed frequently by our in-house consultants while suggestions are made to the office on how to improve the office systems and get better results from the work already being done.
  • Improve income and production just by paying closer attention to it!

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“Dental Dashboard is an amazing combination of technology and software. Just knowing that at any moment during the day I have a consultant peering into my practice and diagnosing anything that might be wrong is very powerful. I practice with a peace of mind that only Sandy Pardue and Classic Practice Resources create.”
— Dr. Timothy Quirt

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