New Dentist Elite Program

Our New Dentist Elite Program is for new dentists who have been practicing less than six years and producing less than $600,000 annually. This program is designed to help new dental professionals beginning their own practice. It includes two phases over six-months with seminars and a 2-day in-office visit from our consultants. We understand the complications of venturing on your own, and we show you how to establish systems in place to help you operate your business, turn a profit and reduce overall stress.

Phase I

The first step of the Classic Practice Program is to gather information specific to your practice. We also give you projects that will immediately start the process of becoming a more organized office.

Practice Questionnaire

We have compiled a questionnaire for doctor and staff members that will help us gather pertinent information about the office. This is the first step in our analysis. The questionnaire will help our team develop a customized program for your office. Each person in the office will be asked to complete our confidential questionnaire.

Recall & Reactivation Project

A program designed to reactivate patients that have been putting off visits to the practice and increase patient flow. This is an invaluable project that will increase patient flow.

Projects to Jump-Start Your Practice

We will work with you to handle your immediate concerns within the practice. In addition, we will evaluate open time on the schedule from broken appointments and time never filled. We will also identify the time needed for each procedure as well as establish goals for each provider.


Individually Customized Employee Handbook

Expert-crafted HR policies customized for your individual practice to keep you compliant with employment laws. This service includes 3-months of unlimited HR support from CEDR Solutions.


Practice Enhancement Program [Alternate to CEDR Employment Handbook]

Dr. Charles Blair, an expert in CDT coding and practice overhead, will evaluate your practice and offer suggestions for increasing your bottom line.

Phase II

The next phase of your program is training held in Baton Rouge. It is divided into 2 parts. You, your office manager and your spouse will attend a full-day management/leadership training on the first day. The second and third day, bring 4 other staff members from your practice for an interesting and informative training experience, followed up by a 2-day in-office visit to you.

Part 1: 1-Day Seminar

(Leadership & Management Training for Doctors & Office Managers Only)


  • Registration
  • Program Orientation and Brief Q & A
  • Key Points to Unlock the Potential of Your Practice
  • Leadership & Management
  • Performance Measurements
    • Measuring Patient Retention
    • Control Expenses and Profit
    • Monitoring Overhead
  • Employee Compensation
    • Suggestions to Raise Production
  • Meetings
    • Morning Huddles
    • Adding Value to Your Staff Meetings
    • Manager Meetings
  • The Effective Manager
    • Requests Made to Staff
    • Staff Motivators
    • Staying Organized with a “Things to Do List”
    • Attributes of a Successful Manager
    • Visionary Management
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Handling Staff Member Upsets and Problems
    • Leadership and the Manager
  • Hiring Protocol
    • The Hiring Process for a Dental Office
    • Finding the Right Employee
    • Preparing to Hire
    • Use the Correct Ad to Attract the Right Staff
    • Write Ads for Each Position
    • Placing Ads (including sample ads)
    • The Applicant Contacting the Office
    • The Job Inquiry Call Slip
    • Protocol for Sorting Through Applicants
    • Scheduling Interviews
    • How to Conduct an Interview
    • Asking the Right Questions
    • The Employment Application
    • Selection of a Good Employee
    • Working Interviews
    • Reference Checks
    • Persona Credit Reports
    • Legal Hiring Criteria
    • Drug Testing
    • Background Checks
    • Letter to Applicants After Interviews
    • Role-playing the Interviewing Process
  • The New Employee
    • Getting the New Person Ready to Start
    • New Employee Packet
    • Personnel File Set-up and Maintenance
  • Training
    • Gathering Training Materials
    • Why Employees Fail
    • Training and Study Tracker Folder
    • General Policy Manual Review
    • Attending CE and Other Staff Training
    • Training Request Form
    • Financial Agreement for Training Expenses
  • Standard Operations Procedure Manuals
    • How to Create an SOP Manual
    • Checklists
    • Writing Policies
    • Job Descriptions
    • Implementing and Updating Policy
  • Employee Evaluations and Termination
    • Employee Appraisals
    • Dental Assistant Efficiency Chart
    • Policy Review Form
    • Formal Warning
    • Termination of an Employee
    • Role-playing of Termination of an Employee
    • Employee Leaving the Office Checklist
    • Employee Exit Interview Survey
    • Pink Slips – Unemployment – Your Rights as the Employer
    • Submitting Separation Notices
    • Reference Calls on Past Employees
    • Corrective Action Notice
  • Q & A

Part 2: 2-Day Seminar


  • Registration
  • Program Orientation and Brief Q & A
  • Creating your Vision Statement and Setting Goals to implement it
  • Measuring Your Success with Statistics
  • Learning which Statistics to Keep
    • Job Tracker Techniques and Materials
  • Setting Doctor and Hygiene Production Targets
  • Introduction to Dental Dashboard™
  • Understanding Patient Needs
  • Communication within the Office
  • Removing Barriers at the Front Desk
  • Improving Telephone Skills
  • Organizing and Directing Productive Staff Meetings and Morning Huddles
  • Public Relations and Manners in the Office (Internal Marketing)
  • Introduction to Job Descriptions and Systems
  • Duties of the Front Desk Staff
  • Dividing and Assigning Essential Functions of a Dental Office
  • Meet and Greet from 5:00 – 6:30 PM. Afterward, you are on your own for dinner.


  • Introduction to Scheduling
  • Building Your Ideal Day
  • New Patient Phone Protocol
  • The Arrival of the New Patient
  • Handling Insurance
  • The Receptionist, the Hostess of the Office
  • MOT, CD, Inactive and Deceased Patients Checklist
  • Letters and Other Communication to Patients
  • Patient Information Update Forms
  • The Scheduling System
  • Confirmation Techniques
  • Basic Process of Checking Patients Out
  • The 7 Objections to Dental Visits
  • Explanation of the Recall Process
  • Recall & Reactivation Project
  • The Importance of Reactivation in Your Practice
  • Broken Appointments and Broken Appointment Evaluation
  • Being a Salesperson for the Dental Practice
  • Accounts Receivable, Financial Arrangements and Collections
  • 3-Day Report Process
  • Implementation Assignments

Dental Dashboard

Our Dental Dashboard is an internet-based software program that allows us to track the vital functions of your practice on a daily basis and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. This is a “real-time” consulting method which should enhance employee performance and results. Your staff will enter assigned statistics related to their duties in the practice, and our consultants have immediate access to the information.


You will receive a set of 5 manuals, which can be used as a reference for systems:

  • “Scheduling Patients and Appointment Book Control”
  • “Accounts Receivable and Financial Arrangements”
  • “Receptionist Duties and Responsibilities”
  • 2 Flipcharts on the above subjects

2-Day Check-Up Visit

Your consultant will visit your office for two days to work with doctor and staff while checking the progress of your program implementation. Your consultant will run a staff meeting that will require all staff members to be in attendance. Separate meetings with the staff and the doctor will also occur.

During this time, everyone will address unique opportunities arisen since the start of implementation. At the end of the check-up, your consultant will provide you with a written evaluation of the visit with recommendations for further implementation, and you will continue to receive phone support throughout the remainder of the 6-month period.

Throughout Your Program

“You Know The Drill!” Training Video Series

During your Program Term, you and your team will have access to our library of training videos and webinars for on-demand training and skill-refinement.

You Know The Drill

Further Services

We also offer a 1-Year Program and additional Maintenance Programs that include additional visits and services. Feel free to inquire about additional services, 800-928-9289, ext. 10 or 11.

ADA CERP and AGD/PACE Certification - Total of 20 CE Hours

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