Management Solutions
for Dental Practices.

Discover how to stress less, and produce more. We customize dental practice solutions. And we deliver real, working results.

Classic Practice Resources, Inc. (CPR) is a dental consulting company providing high-level services to practicing dental professionals in every stage of their career. There are 45 vital practice management systems; we customize solutions for each one, tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. We work with practices of all sizes and varied needs, in every part of North America. Solutions and training are customized to align with the doctor’s personality, practice vision, as well as the social and economic make up of the geographic region. We have the customized solutions to improve the efficiency of your practice and its revenue and growth.

Our consulting programs deliver real world results that can benefit you, your staff and your business for many years to come. Our nationally recognized staff training is unsurpassed. Drawing on nearly thirty years of experience, working with hundreds of dental practices, CPR consistently delivers career changing practice management solutions. Once implemented, our successful systems become part of your daily office life. Having systems and stronger organization can result in more predictability, increased revenue, and reduced stress; as well, it can allow you to enjoy relaxed time away from the office. Don’t wait until a crisis forces you to look for help… Talk to us today!



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