Consulting Programs

Classic Practice’s consulting programs guide your dental practice to become that well-oiled machine it needs to be. Our systems are built on proven career successes, and we want to share our secrets with you. Since we know not all practices are the same, we offer a variety of programs to suit your practice’s needs. Take a look at the programs below to see how we can help.

If your practice is struggling or if you just think your dental office needs a “tune-up” you must call Sandy Pardue right away. She will help you implement a series of systems in your office that will allow you to track everything you need to know about your patient flow, right down to the smallest detail. Too many holes in your hygiene department? Too few crowns on Tuesday? Sandy has the tools that will help recognize the deficiencies in your office and the plans to help correct them. You don’t have to wait for your hand piece to be repossessed, call Sandy today!”
– Dr. H.F., Dentaltown

Compare Program Services New Dentist Program
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New Dentist Elite
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6-Month Program
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1-Year Program
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Unlimited phone support
Practice By Numbers™ online statistical monitoring for your office
Library of Webinars for remote training
Recall Effectiveness/Patient Retention Evaluation *
Recall & Reactivation Project
Customized Employment Manual [CEDR Solutions] OR Revenue Enhancement Project [Dr. Charles Blair]
Leadership & Office Management Training Course
Practice Management Systems Training Course, Level I
Service and Support throughout Program term
2-Day in-office team training  
Practice Management Systems Training Course, Level II      
Periodontal Program      
Admission to future team training courses 2 years AFTER Program completion      

Continuation / Masters

After completing our 1-Year Program, you are eligible to participate in our Continuation / Masters Program. By signing up for this program, you will receive our continued support to prepare you for next level success. We will customize our support regimen to your particular needs through weekly consultation as well as continued staff training.



Program Resources

The Classic Practice Series

Available through our 1-Year, 6-Month and New Dentist Programs

Dr. Robert Westerman has authored a wide range of “How-To-Do” books and manuals that provide the exact tools needed to implement proven systems for dental administration. There’s no need to spend years figuring it out yourself! The following books are included with our consulting programs:


  • Scheduling Patients & Appointment Book Control
  • Accounts Receivable, Financial
    Arrangements & Collections
  • Appointment Confirmation & Verification Procedures Flip Chart
  • Effective Tele-Recall & Reactivation
    Systems Flip Chart
  • Receptionist Duties & Responsibilities
  • Dental Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities



Dental Dashboard™

This is Classic Practice’s most accurate real-time consulting method to manage your practice and staff on a daily basis through online virtual diary entries.


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