Continuation / Masters

Upon completion of Classic Practice Resources’ 1-Year Program, you have the distinguished option to participate in the Continuation / Masters Program. In this exclusive opportunity, we extend our consulting and advancement services for a 12-month period. This program reinforces the systems learned the previous year and covers the following additional areas of practice management.

Some of the areas to be covered:

  • Monitoring and Fine Tuning of Your Job Descriptions
  • Case Acceptance Training
  • Recorded Phantom Calls to the Front Office
  • Continuous Consulting Support ViaTelephone and E-mail
  • Monitoring of Office Systems and Progress
  • Use of Dental Dashboard™, Including Consulting and Suggestions to Improve the Practice
  • Additional Staff Training (New Staff May Attend Workshops in Baton Rouge)
  • Overall Profitability and Overhead Review and Suggestions
  • Customized Protocols for Organization
  • Clients Receive New Practice Management Material If Available
  • Assistance in Problem-Solving as Situations Arise


There are program options both with and without on-site consultation visits available. The number of on-site visits can be customized depending on your practice’s needs.

Continuation Benefits LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4
Payments Divided Throughout Your Program Term *No Deposit Required
Unlimited Service & Phone Support
Dental Dashboard™ online statistical monitoring and management for your office.
Admission to the 1st Year Program Phase 2 Training Session
Admission to the 1st Year Program Phase 3 Training Session
Continuous Team Training & Skill Refinement
Systems Reinforcement
Admission to future team training courses 2 years AFTER Program completion.
Admission to Academy for Scheduling Excellence™ *2 Team Members  
Admission to Spice Up Your Practice™ *2 Team Members  
One 2-Day in-office practice visit      
Two 2-Day in-office practice visits      
Three 2-Day in-office practice visits      

Additional Materials

“You Know The Drill” Training Video Series

During your Program Term, you and your team will have access to our library of training videos and webinars for on-demand training and skill-refinement.

You Know The Drill

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