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Why Us

We’ve Been There

At Classic Practice Resources, we understand what it’s like to be in a position where you feel like your practice just doesn’t feel like it’s running as efficiently as it should. Miscommunication between staff members might be a common occurrence, and you may be in constant state of wondering where you stand in terms of management and turning a profit. We were familiar with the pains you are experiencing with your practice. WE GET IT.

After all, you didn’t go to school to study business management – you were busy learning how to be a dentist. And we want to help you get back to the point where you can focus on being a dentist again.

And We Know Where to Go

To get you on the road to success, we provide structure and systems to your practice that ACTUALLY WORK. In fact, our programs and resources have been proven again and again by practices all across the country. With the help of our expert lecturers and consultants, you will be able to turn your practice around and whip it in to shape to become the well-oiled machine you always dreamed it would be.

Your success is our business.




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