Robert D. Westerman, D.D.S.

Robert D. Westerman, D.D.S., Co-Founder

Robert Westerman WebRobert D. Westerman, D.D.S. is a highly successful solo practitioner of General Dentistry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. An Arkansas native and a graduate of Loyola University Dental School in New Orleans, LA, he has served extensively in his local and state dental associations, and is a frequent contributor to dental journals and textbooks. He has lectured and taught at innumerable dental association conventions, study groups and management seminars in a variety of healthcare settings.

Dr. Westerman holds five patents in the dental field including the Metalift™ Crown and Bridge Removal System, an Interdental Plaque Removal and Irrigating Device, and the Sublingual Anti-Gag Tablet. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Classic Practice Series on dental management as well as several other manuscripts and manuals. He and his wife, Peggy, are the founders of Classic Practice Resources, Inc.

Dr. Westerman is a family man, sportsman, and music enthusiast. He leads an active lifestyle outside of the office. His hobbies include spending time with his family at his farm in rural Louisiana, fishing, or catching a football game. He is also very active in community service, including the Louisiana Symphony Association, Rotary International, educational organizations and various boards.


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