Continuation / Masters

Upon completion of Classic Practice Resources’ 1-Year Program, you have the distinguished option to participate in the Continuation / Masters Program. In this exclusive opportunity, we extend our consulting and advancement services for a 12-month period. This program reinforces the systems learned the previous year and covers the following additional areas of practice management.

Some of the areas to be covered:

  • Monitoring and Fine Tuning of Your Job Descriptions
  • Case Acceptance Training
  • Recorded Phantom Calls to the Front Office
  • Continuous Consulting Support ViaTelephone and E-mail
  • Monitoring of Office Systems and Progress
  • Use of Dental Dashboard™, Including Consulting and Suggestions to Improve the Practice
  • Additional Staff Training (New Staff May Attend Workshops in Baton Rouge)
  • Overall Profitability and Overhead Review and Suggestions
  • Customized Protocols for Organization
  • Clients Receive New Practice Management Material If Available
  • Assistance in Problem-Solving as Situations Arise


There are program options both with and without on-site consultation visits available. The number of on-site visits can be customized depending on your practice’s needs.

Continuation Benefits LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4
Payments Divided Throughout Your Program Term *No Deposit Required
Unlimited Service & Phone Support
Dental Dashboard™ online statistical monitoring and management for your office.
Admission to the 1st Year Program Phase 2 Training Session
Admission to the 1st Year Program Phase 3 Training Session
Continuous Team Training & Skill Refinement
Systems Reinforcement
Admission to future team training courses 2 years AFTER Program completion.
Admission to Academy for Scheduling Excellence™ *2 Team Members  
Admission to Spice Up Your Practice™ *2 Team Members  
One 2-Day in-office practice visit      
Two 2-Day in-office practice visits      
Three 2-Day in-office practice visits      

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