It's Time. Transform Your Practice!

The bottom line: your practice should operate as a well-oiled machine.

Many other doctors and consultants will tell you your practice isn’t a business. Make no mistake. IT IS. Classic Practice Resources provides the structure and the tools needed to operate your dental practice at maximum efficiency. We deliver the know-how to increase your revenue, streamline your processes, reduce your stress, and run your business instead of your business running you.

Our systems are built on actual, validated success, and we want to share our secrets with you. We offer a proven selection of Consulting Programs, 1 & 2-Day Training Events and Management Products available for your practice’s individual needs. Explore your options for practice success NOW!



Consulting Programs



    Take an extensive look into our 45 vital management systems with our most comprehensive program available.



    Gain an introduction to the 45 vital management systems needed to efficiently run a dental practice in this basic program.



    Start your practice off on the right foot with this 6-month program for new dentists venturing out on their own for the first time.



    Take the New Dentist Program to the next level with additional In-Office Implementation and access to the Dental Dashboard.

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Free Dental Practice Analysis

What is the true state of your practice?

We provide a confidential and complimentary dental practice analysis to doctors interested in discovering the strengths and weaknesses of their business. Discover how your practice stacks up, and learn where you have room for improvement.

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Sandy Pardue's Horizon 360° Blog

Tips to improve your practice.

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Management Products

Employment Applications
Employment Applications

Gather all of the necessary information you need from your applicant. View here.

Patient Reactivation Project
Patient Reactivation Project

Revitalize your practice by increasing return patients. View here.

Practice Management Talk with Sandy Pardue
Practice Management Talk with Sandy Pardue

Learn Sandy’s tips on finding the missed opportunities in the administrative area. View here.

Stress Less & Produce More
Stress Less & Produce More CD

Receive a complimentary CD with general office tips and tricks. View here.

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Our system works, and here’s the proof.

Classic Practice Programs

Dr. Frank Rho Southern Comfort Dental Dr. Frank Rho Southern Comfort Dental
Prattville, AL

CPR’s Program has literally paid for itself 100 times over in my practice, but what has been priceless are their systems. I have all the benefits of practice ownership and the stress level as if I were an associate.

Dr. Jake Geyer Dr. T.H. Thomas Holmes, DDS
Universal City, Texas

I have been in practice for 35 years and had a very good practice, but this program took it to another level… this is one I definitely recommend.

Classic Practice Programs

Dr. Jacob Geyer Golden Hills Dental
Coarsegold, California

I feel that this is different from any event I’ve ever been to in a sense that my staff have guidance, they have direction, and I feel that our practice is going to go down a different road now…

Dr. Travis Kendall Golden Hills Dental
Coarsegold, California

This 3-day seminar has been absolutely amazing. This is giving us the tools to go home and have the real world ‘things’ to allow us to take our practice to the next level…

Spice Up Your Practice

Dr. Fowler

Sandy and Dr. Westerman showed us the recipe for dental office gumbo!

Dr. T.N.
Arvada, Colorado

Let’s get organized – that is Sandy’s middle name. It’s great to have another set of eyes and ears. She is full of ideas – easily understood information.

Academy for Scheduling Excellence

Dr. Chris Meunier Reliant Family Dental
Evansville, Indiana

The seminar gives you the enthusiasm and excitement to take it back to your practice and share it with your other staff members; it’s just incredible. It’s a very exciting program that gives you the ‘oomph’ you need to get your practice going.

New Iberia, Louisiana

Sandy is a help in all areas and she knows what’s she’s talking about. P.S.: Our production DOUBLED in the two days and we only had 2 broken appointments instead of 6!!

Classic Practice Programs

Jenny Office Manager

My stress level is minimal, our production is high, the office morale is high, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today and I feel the office would not be where it’s at today without Classic Practice.

Dr. Pako Major Alegre Dental
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sandy and her team made sure that I was prepared to run and organize an office from the get-go. They held my hand and kept great records so that I could actually track progress of my office as we went along.

Classic Practice Programs

Jo Anna Gagliardi
Canandaigua, New York

Since meeting Sandy, we have almost tripled our production!

Dr. T.N.
Arvada, Colorado

Let's get organized - that is Sandy's middle name. It's great to have another set of eyes and ears. She is full of ideas - easily understood information.