A Boost While the Doctor is Out

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Sandy Pardue

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When the doctor is out of the office for any reason, such as attending a continuing education seminar, it is a great opportunity for the entire office staff to team up and bolster the appointment book in your computer software with recalls, incomplete treatment, reactivations patients that have not been in for over a year.

This is a great opportunity to put scheduling on a high priority, benefit your patients and make a happy doctor and productive office.

The way this activity works is that each staff member {including dental assistants, hygienists, receptionists, bookkeepers etc.] work a list of patients printed from the computer software who have not been in for a while. They may even think of patients they have missed seeing in the practice. They make sure all of these patients are called and scheduled to come in. Staff can scan the names of patients on the report and call any patients they know personally. The idea is to contact as many patients as possible. If they can’t contact them by phone, send a handwritten note through the mail.

So, gather up every staff member to participate, set an overall goal or target in terms of how many patients you are going to schedule as a team and then make a game out of accomplishing it together. Your morale and esprit de corps team spirit will soar!