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Talking Money with Your Patients

Dental assistants, hygienists and doctors do not talk finances with the patient, but it is their responsibility to figure out an estimate for the patient. An assistant can help Doctor by knowing this when we are going to do anything … Continue reading

The 17 Musts for the Attitude and Abilities of a Collector

1. Must have the goal to collect any monies owed and have the patient handle their financial responsibilities. 2. Must care about the person to demand an honest ethical solution to their debt. 3. Must be able to communicate to … Continue reading

Telephone Collection Scripts: Let Them Know the Pressure Is on You the Credit Manager

1. “Mr(s). , I’m calling to see if you have written a check for $(amount) to Dr. _ yet?” 2. “Mr(s). , I need to get your check for $(amount) to keep your account with Dr. __ current. Is there … Continue reading

Why Patients Don’t Pay and How to Handle It

There are only two reasons why patients do not pay. 1. An Upset or a Misunderstanding An upset patient could be caused from anything such as something was not said, or something was said and forgotten and/or not documented. Example: … Continue reading

Encourage Patients to Take Advantage of Unused Insurance Benefits During the Last Quarter of the Year

Beginning in August, inform your patients that their yearly insurance benefit is about to end. You can do this several ways. You can send an End of the Year Insurance letter, have staff communicate it verbally to patients or print … Continue reading

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