Internal Marketing – Avoid These Negatives

Posted on November 16, 2017 by Sandy Pardue

Many times practices send negative messages to their patients without realizing it. We are in the people business and building relationships are important. Make sure you and your team aren’t making patients feel guilty because it will actually drive them away.

Some examples of laying a guilt trip on patients:
“When was the last time you saw a dentist?”
“How long has it been since you had your teeth cleaned?”
“No wonder your gums are bleeding!”
“Can’t you afford to buy floss?”
“You can’t tell me you’ve been brushing and flossing!”
“Why haven’t we seen you in over a year?”
“Well, look who decided to show up!”
“It’s about time you came in!”

Then there is that reception room sign that says, “Did you floss today?” “Don’t worry about your teeth, we make beautiful dentures!”

Most people arrive at the dental office feeling guilty. You have heard them say things like, “I didn’t floss much over the past month.” “I didn’t brush twice a day!”
The key is to not make patients feel guilty but instead make them feel good about themselves and see the personal worth. A practice can get 100+ new patients each month, but until they master the art of internal marketing and patient relations, they will struggle.

Take the “It’s about time you got in here!” and replace it with, “It’s great to see you!”