Why Keep Statistics?

Posted on May 3, 2018 by Sandy Pardue

Why keep statistics?

The American spirit has been built on competitiveness and competition.  Business, athletics, entertainment and all of life’s games have achievements as their goal.  This is what makes life fun, enjoyable and raises our adrenaline to the enthusiasm and the triumph of victory.

What would it be like if your favorite team played their same games and did not keep score?  What kind of bridge club would it be if no one used score pads?  It would be no fun; there would be no challenge and consequently, no rewards.  Ultimately the entire activity would disappear.

Statistics are valuable and essential for each team member.  Statistics are also valuable to the Office Manager and Practice Owner.  Some people can ride a bicycle, some cannot ride a bicycle and some do not want to ride it at all.  Therefore, statistics are invaluable in supervising an employee and helping them improve their performance where needed.

They are also used by the Manager to supervise the personnel to steer the ship to the lighthouse without constantly looking over the employee’s shoulder, and without having our office waste all of its resources like the Exxon Valdez crashing into the rocks.