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We’re Hitting the Road with Our Scheduling Academy

Our ever-popular Academy for Scheduling Excellence training event is traveling to a region near YOU! Visit us at one of these locations… July 26, 2019: Los Alamitos/Anaheim, California at the Trojan Profesional Services office August 23, 2019: Raleigh, North Carolina … Continue reading

New Patients and Insurance

Use the phone to welcome perspective patients that call the office. When you answer the phone you have to BELIEVE they are calling because they want to be a patient in YOUR office because you guys are so awesome. Welcome … Continue reading

Tell Patients the Benefits

Tell Patients the Benefits When trying to get patients to schedule, you have to tell them the benefits of getting the treatment or chances are they will not schedule or they will and then break the appointment later. Another thing … Continue reading

Talking Money with Your Patients

Dental assistants, hygienists and doctors do not talk finances with the patient, but it is their responsibility to figure out an estimate for the patient. An assistant can help Doctor by knowing this when we are going to do anything … Continue reading

When a patient asks, “why are your fees so high?”

Many patients are simply unfamiliar with dental work and the customary fees associated with it.  There are several verbal skills to use so that fees can be justified to a patient. “Doctor  is very careful to make sure his fees are … Continue reading

When a patient asks, “Do you accept my insurance?”

“Do you accept my insurance?” This is a commonly asked question. What if you are NOT in network for a patient’s insurance? A refined response must be practiced by the dental team. Response: “Ms. Jones, we are providers of all … Continue reading

5 Tips to Help You Be Better Prepared

  Here are 5 tips to help you be better prepared in your position as a Scheduler: 1. Know who you are calling! Be familiar with the patient’s record. 2. Check the schedule for other family members who may be coming … Continue reading

Dealing with Voicemail

Many people today have voicemail activated on their personal cell phones or at home. Some people even screen unwanted calls. When encountering voicemail in the course of confirming patients for the following day whether at home or the office, simply … Continue reading

Sandy Pardue: Increasing Your Case Acceptance (Part 1)

Click the link below to hear Sandy Pardue speak on how to increase case acceptance on The Relentless Dentist’s podcast channel. Check it out: Recording time 40:23

Why Avoid Block Scheduling?

Block scheduling was first talked about back in the 1980’s BEFORE computer scheduling and before the concept of scheduling to a production target.. The reason was to try to control the staff actions so that doctor wasn’t running around and … Continue reading

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