What is the Purpose of a Staff Meeting?

Posted on May 3, 2019 by Sandy Pardue

1) Have orderly, productive, and uplifting meetings; which will help create a more unified team and thus a more productive office.

2) Go over statistics from the previous month.

3) Acknowledge team members who refer patients to the office [along with the name of the patient]
.4) Go over new policy(s) or policy changes, as they affect the office.

5) Re-acquaint staff with existing policy(s) as necessary.

6) Completion of project(s).

7) Discuss future plans and goals.

8) Team Training

8) To allow team members to:

  1. a) Go over special reports.
  2. b) Gather agreement(s) and the opportunity to bring up
    matters relating to the practice and/or their duties.
  3. c) Make announcements or tell others of good news and
    items of interest.


This does not include things of a disruptive nature. Any serious discussion with individual team members should be done one on one after the staff meeting with the Doctor and/or Office Manager.