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Your Dream Practice, Part 1

How can you create your Dream Practice? Where and how do you start? The process can seem overwhelming at first! Listen to Part 1 of “Your Dream Practice” featuring Sandy Pardue with show guests Robert Westerman, DDS and Dana Salisbury. Discover … Continue reading

Talking Money with Your Patients

Dental assistants, hygienists and doctors do not talk finances with the patient, but it is their responsibility to figure out an estimate for the patient. An assistant can help Doctor by knowing this when we are going to do anything … Continue reading

Ideal Traits of a Scheduler

  The scheduler is one of the most important jobs in any dental office. Communicating your goals, having the right person in the position and holding them accountable is a game changer. This person is the one on whom your … Continue reading

Improve Customer Service with a Suggestion Box

The lack of communication between patients and the practice is the number one factor associated with patients changing dentists. The problem is, most patients will not complain or let you know they are upset. These upsets come from a lack … Continue reading

Handling a False Perception with Case Presentation

Some people may think they cannot afford dental care when actually they can. Most people are very poor financial managers and when their money gets tight they think in generalities and even fool themselves. They may even have a small … Continue reading

Handling Complaints of High Fees

When a patient says, your fees are too high show surprise and say, Our fees are too high? and wait for their response to see what they have on their mind. Sometimes people do not say what they mean. They … Continue reading

Actions & Words of the Team May Make Patients Think Cancellations are Normal

As I share how actions and words of the dental team may increase or prevent cancellations, I can’t leave out this one on breaking agreements with patients. I see practices calling patients to move up their appointments as they try to … Continue reading

Referrals and New Patients

Many new patients are referred by successfully handled new patients. When you start something new, you try to talk all of your friends into doing the same thing so you will feel you are doing the right thing. For this … Continue reading

Understanding Patient Attitudes

1. If you ask patients whom you are trying to schedule an open‐ended question and get a ʺnoʺ answer, you will have almost no chance to get them to change their mind, especially on the telephone. So, donʹt word your … Continue reading

Building Your Practice with Emergencies & “Emergencies”

An emergency, according to the American Heritage Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary, is “an unexpected situation or sudden occurrence of a serious and urgent nature that demands immediate action.” When quotation marks (“ “) are placed around a word, it means the … Continue reading

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