Ideal Traits of a Scheduler

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Sandy Pardue

Pretty business customer service woman


The scheduler is one of the most important jobs in any dental office. Communicating your goals, having the right person in the position and holding them accountable is a game changer.

This person is the one on whom your success and prosperity hinges, so the entire office is dependent upon her skills, responsibility, dedication to your goals and broad shoulders. This person is the one who is most directly responsible for your gross income and, consequently, your solvency. 

It is a challenging job, and specifically it includes procuring the patients you need, properly scheduling them and handling or coordinating their financial arrangements with the accounts department.  (should you have both a Scheduler and Financial Coordinator).

It is imperative that the person handling this position have excellent communication skills, a knowledge of dentistry and the types and quality of services you deliver, sales ability and public relations skills. She must be able to answer people’s questions and help them with their dental problems.

This person must be fine‐tuned to people and be able to find out if and why they might be upset, or why they have not returned to your office or communicated with you. She must be skilled at turning the lagging or sour relationships around so everyone feels good with no more upset and your patients happily return to your office.