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We’re Hitting the Road with Our Scheduling Academy

Our ever-popular Academy for Scheduling Excellence training event is traveling to a region near YOU! Visit us at one of these locations… July 26, 2019: Los Alamitos/Anaheim, California at the Trojan Profesional Services office August 23, 2019: Raleigh, North Carolina … Continue reading

Tell Patients the Benefits

Tell Patients the Benefits When trying to get patients to schedule, you have to tell them the benefits of getting the treatment or chances are they will not schedule or they will and then break the appointment later. Another thing … Continue reading

Why Avoid Block Scheduling?

Block scheduling was first talked about back in the 1980’s BEFORE computer scheduling and before the concept of scheduling to a production target.. The reason was to try to control the staff actions so that doctor wasn’t running around and … Continue reading

Ideal Traits of a Scheduler

  The scheduler is one of the most important jobs in any dental office. Communicating your goals, having the right person in the position and holding them accountable is a game changer. This person is the one on whom your … Continue reading

What to Do When You or the Patient is Late?

Surveys show the average wait for a doctor’s appointment is 30 minutes, which indicates most offices are running inefficiently or are out of control in terms of being on time. There are several reasons why this can happen. Occasionally a … Continue reading

Calling to Schedule Recall Appointments

Once you have the patient (or parent) on the phone, set an appointment. Briefly, the sequence for recall dialogue is: Get the patient or parent on the line. In a cheerful, pleasant manner, identify yourself and the office: “Hello, Mr. … Continue reading

Top Practice Mistakes with Howard Farran and Sandy Pardue

Check out the video below hear Howard Farran and Sandy Pardue discuss staff problems, lack of systems, staff training, broken appointments patient retention, and more! Check out the video at this link:

Handling Legitimate Cancellations

Sometimes patients will have legitimate reasons why they canʹt keep an appointment. These include a sudden emergency, a sudden illness, a death in the family or an accident. When patients call to cancel their appointments under these types of circumstances, … Continue reading

Are You Breaking an Agreement with Your Patients?

I see practices call patients to try to fill open time by moving them from next week to tomorrow. It’s like they are “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul;” that’s not recommended. I realize the office is trying to fill … Continue reading

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