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Define Your TX Philosophy for Treating Periodontal Disease

I recommend that you start with an exact screening protocol for new and existing patients. Can you imagine going to see your physician and never having your blood pressure taken? How about leaving the office without someone telling you what … Continue reading

We’re Hitting the Road with Our Scheduling Academy

Our ever-popular Academy for Scheduling Excellence training event is traveling to a region near YOU! Visit us at one of these locations… July 26, 2019: Los Alamitos/Anaheim, California at the Trojan Profesional Services office August 23, 2019: Raleigh, North Carolina … Continue reading

Tell Patients the Benefits

Tell Patients the Benefits When trying to get patients to schedule, you have to tell them the benefits of getting the treatment or chances are they will not schedule or they will and then break the appointment later. Another thing … Continue reading

Customer Service

Costly mistakes can happen in the first 10 seconds of a phone call to your practice. All front office staff need to be aware of forbidden phrases when communicating with patients. Patient retention in most practices is low, the back … Continue reading

A Vital Tool for Your Paperless Practice

Check out Episode #10 of Dental Drill Bits to hear our featured guest, Dr. Gina Dorfman, discuss utilizing Yapi for paperless practices. This is a vital tool for your team to track patients throughout the office during their appointment – you won’t … Continue reading

Sure Fire Ways to Grow Your Practice

Sure Fire Ways to Grow Your Practice There is a strong leader and a solid ethical team. Patients are thanked for referring others to the practice. They are organized and have real-world systems that give predictability to their schedule. Duties … Continue reading

The Mistake of Counting on Unconfirmed Prescheduled Appointments

When a patient preschedules an appointment for sometime in the future (three or more months in advance), an Appointment Card is sent to them about three weeks before the appointment. Subsequently, he is called one week after the card is … Continue reading

Calling to Schedule Recall Appointments

Once you have the patient (or parent) on the phone, set an appointment. Briefly, the sequence for recall dialogue is: Get the patient or parent on the line. In a cheerful, pleasant manner, identify yourself and the office: “Hello, Mr. … Continue reading

Learn How Many Patients In Your Practice Are Overdue

Learn How Many Patients in Your Practice are Overdue The average practice has 750 to 1000 patients overdue for their recall appointment. This is largely due to weak or lacking recall and reactivation systems. Patients get left behind because no … Continue reading

When Is It Okay to Inactivate Patients?

When is it Okay to Inactivate Patients? You will hear a lot of different descriptions of an active patient, down the dental pipeline. When you are looking at missed opportunities and potential patient flow, consider all patient records. From my … Continue reading

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