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Customer Service

Costly mistakes can happen in the first 10 seconds of a phone call to your practice. All front office staff need to be aware of forbidden phrases when communicating with patients. Patient retention in most practices is low, the back … Continue reading

Your Dream Practice, Part 1

How can you create your Dream Practice? Where and how do you start? The process can seem overwhelming at first! Listen to Part 1 of “Your Dream Practice” featuring Sandy Pardue with show guests Robert Westerman, DDS and Dana Salisbury. Discover … Continue reading

Dealing with Voicemail

Many people today have voicemail activated on their personal cell phones or at home. Some people even screen unwanted calls. When encountering voicemail in the course of confirming patients for the following day whether at home or the office, simply … Continue reading

Stressing Urgency

When patients have dental conditions that require urgent treatment, they may not be aware of that urgency. There are a multitude of conditions that would fit under this category, such as large cavities, non-vital teeth, moderate to severe periodontal disease, … Continue reading

Complaint Handling with Finesse

When people call to complain, their problem is usually with some specific aspect of your company’s products or services, not with you. Keeping this in mind will remind you not to take a caller’s anger personally. Here are some guidelines … Continue reading

Ask the Right Questions When Scheduling

As a first or opening question, use one to which the person will readily agree, such as these: You do want to be put on recall, don’t you? Then ask follow-up questions that will give you the result you want. … Continue reading

Where, Oh Where Have Your Patients Gone?

Patients are falling through the cracks in the majority of practices, unbeknownst to the doctor and team. They are focused on getting new patients, and pay little attention to the gold mine available to them with a few clicks of … Continue reading

When Is It Okay to Inactivate Patients?

When is it Okay to Inactivate Patients? You will hear a lot of different descriptions of an active patient, down the dental pipeline. When you are looking at missed opportunities and potential patient flow, consider all patient records. From my … Continue reading

Never Withdraw Your Attention from the Patient

Withdrawing your attention from a patient can be perceived by the patient as a “put down”. In truth, it is a put down. Many years ago, I was at a booth meeting with a company representative about his services at … Continue reading

Do Not Pre-Schedule Every Patient for Recare

So many practices are on automatic and take little time to evaluate a patient before scheduling appointments. This adds to the broken appointment problem. I’d like to see practices look a bit closer before pre-scheduling recare appointments 3, 6 or … Continue reading

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