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Customer Service

Costly mistakes can happen in the first 10 seconds of a phone call to your practice. All front office staff need to be aware of forbidden phrases when communicating with patients. Patient retention in most practices is low, the back … Continue reading

How to Effectively Review a Resume

You are looking for that perfect person to work in the practice. You place an ad and start receiving resumes. Many times resumes look great, but what you see is not always what you get. Have a complete job description … Continue reading

Becoming a Top-Notch Scheduler

A dental office is similar to many other businesses in that it also has a salesperson. That person is the one who calls and schedules the patients for their dental care, which includes recall visits‐‐the Scheduler. It takes a tremendous … Continue reading

How to Increase Your Bottom Line

Do you know the best and easiest way to increase your bottom line or profit? Itʹs by not having open time on your appointment book, which is achieved by eliminating broken appointments and controlling your schedule. For every broken appointment … Continue reading

What to Say to Patients Who Ask You to Cheat by Altering the Record(s) and/or Date(s)

  Sometimes a patient will ask to bill them at an earlier or later date than the dental treatment was actually done. They do this to try to take advantage of an insurance company by having them to pay for … Continue reading

Actions & Words of the Dental Team May Make Patients Think Cancellations Are Normal, Part 3

Not using good verbal and communication skills at the time of scheduling can contribute to patients not committing to an appointment. They may even schedule the appointment and call back later to say they are not coming. This is an … Continue reading

Actions of a Successful Office

I’m often asked what successful offices have in common… They have a good solid ethical team, with a great attitude. There is a strong leader, they are organized and have real world systems that give more predictability to their schedule. … Continue reading

How is Your Attitude in the Office?

One of the best attributes a team member can have is a positive attitude. I can’t recall seeing a floundering practice filled with enthusiastic staff. I meet a lot of people in my business and it is not difficult to … Continue reading

Are You Breaking an Agreement with Your Patients?

I see practices call patients to try to fill open time by moving them from next week to tomorrow. It’s like they are “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul;” that’s not recommended. I realize the office is trying to fill … Continue reading

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