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Customer Service

Costly mistakes can happen in the first 10 seconds of a phone call to your practice. All front office staff need to be aware of forbidden phrases when communicating with patients. Patient retention in most practices is low, the back … Continue reading

Complaint Handling with Finesse

When people call to complain, their problem is usually with some specific aspect of your company’s products or services, not with you. Keeping this in mind will remind you not to take a caller’s anger personally. Here are some guidelines … Continue reading

Improve Customer Service with a Suggestion Box

The lack of communication between patients and the practice is the number one factor associated with patients changing dentists. The problem is, most patients will not complain or let you know they are upset. These upsets come from a lack … Continue reading

51 Tips to Create Exceptional Customer Service

1) Create trust with your patients 2) Track referrals to your office and acknowledge those that refer. If you state guidelines allow a patient referral program implement one. 3) Wow Letters to patients from staff members 4) Communicate to patients … Continue reading

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