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Top Practice Mistakes with Howard Farran and Sandy Pardue

Check out the video below hear Howard Farran and Sandy Pardue discuss staff problems, lack of systems, staff training, broken appointments patient retention, and more! Check out the video at this link:


There is no place for criticalness, fault-finding, loathing, bellyaching, complaining, or grumbling in an office. Anyone in the office who is there to do their job and improve their surroundings including, our patients and themselves, will not badmouth circumstances, situations, … Continue reading

Go for Your Dreams

Dentists go to great lengths to try and build their practices. They invest a tremendous amount of time and money to become dentists and set up a practice by getting through college, dental school, and continuing education courses. They invest … Continue reading

Top 12 Best Practices for the Year [January Issue of Dentaltown Magazine]

As one year ends and another begins, it is a perfect time to reset your practice management style to ensure you get the absolute best out of the New Year ahead. No practice is static, no matter how high your … Continue reading

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