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We’re Hitting the Road with Our Scheduling Academy

Our ever-popular Academy for Scheduling Excellence training event is traveling to a region near YOU! Visit us at one of these locations… July 26, 2019: Los Alamitos/Anaheim, California at the Trojan Profesional Services office August 23, 2019: Raleigh, North Carolina … Continue reading

What Makes a Leader?

Many times dentists and office managers express interest in becoming a better leader to their dental team. I always tell them that becoming a good leader is a process, one that never ends. You don’t have to be born with … Continue reading

Keeping Score

Could you imagine going to a football game without ever tracking the score? How do you know if you have won? If additional practice/training is needed for your linebacker? Are you on track to meeting your monthly goals? What is … Continue reading

Your Dream Practice, Part 1

How can you create your Dream Practice? Where and how do you start? The process can seem overwhelming at first! Listen to Part 1 of “Your Dream Practice” featuring Sandy Pardue with show guests Robert Westerman, DDS and Dana Salisbury. Discover … Continue reading

Sure Fire Ways to Grow Your Practice

Sure Fire Ways to Grow Your Practice There is a strong leader and a solid ethical team. Patients are thanked for referring others to the practice. They are organized and have real-world systems that give predictability to their schedule. Duties … Continue reading

Our NEW Corporate Headquarters!

We are excited about the progress on our new headquarters and training center! Check it out:

What to Do When You or the Patient is Late?

Surveys show the average wait for a doctor’s appointment is 30 minutes, which indicates most offices are running inefficiently or are out of control in terms of being on time. There are several reasons why this can happen. Occasionally a … Continue reading

Actions of a Successful Office

I’m often asked what successful offices have in common… They have a good solid ethical team, with a great attitude. There is a strong leader, they are organized and have real world systems that give more predictability to their schedule. … Continue reading

Set a Production Target

We have seen dental practices increase their income simply by naming a production target and becoming aware of how much is being produced. All providers in your dental practice should have an individual hourly production target. Targets are shared with … Continue reading

How is Your Attitude in the Office?

One of the best attributes a team member can have is a positive attitude. I can’t recall seeing a floundering practice filled with enthusiastic staff. I meet a lot of people in my business and it is not difficult to … Continue reading

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