What Makes a Leader?

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Sandy Pardue

Many times dentists and office managers express interest in becoming a better leader to their dental team. I always tell them that becoming a good leader is a process, one that never ends. You don’t have to be born with leadership skills, you can develop them. There are some clear characteristics found in good leaders.

Attributes of a Good Leader:

1) A good leader is ethical, they set a good example, they are trustworthy and believe in truth and doing the right things. They keep their word.

2) Good leaders are visionaries. They understand the importance of creating a vision and they know how to inspire everyone in the group to get on board, They bring the organization to another level.

3) Good leaders are also good listeners and are open to feedback. In fact, they encourage others to communicate their viewpoints. They know that it is important to include others and listen to fresh ideas. It is not only good for the organization, it helps build people that will help the leader improve conditions now and in the future.

4) Good leaders are not afraid of someone coming in and taking their place. They are secure with themselves.

5) Good leaders are fast thinkers, they can make decisions quickly after gathering the necessary information.

6) Good leaders are inspirational. They inspire the team and keep them motivated. They are not “bossing” people around to get them to follow the vision, their passion for the vision is obvious in every action and word they speak.

7) Good Leaders are on task and focused. They usually don’t have a lot of irons in the fire or change things often. They stick with programs and projects until they are finished and working well. This helps them gain respect and confidence from the group.

8) Good leaders are constantly monitoring results. Results are what we are all working for. Without good results, we could just stay home. Leaders are watching practice monitors which show the results of everyone’s efforts. This lets them know the score and what plays are necessary.

9) Good leaders are always available to their team.

10) Good leaders are loyal and keep their word.

To be a good leader, you must become these things. Each of these characteristics can be developed and strengthened. When you practice them, they become what you stand for. You will not have to have notes folded up in your pocket to check to see if you are doing the right things, it will be natural for you.