Talking Money with Your Patients

Posted on February 2, 2017 by Sandy Pardue


Dental assistants, hygienists and doctors do not talk finances with the patient, but it is their responsibility to figure out an estimate for the patient. An assistant can help Doctor by knowing this when we are going to do anything more than minor treatment (over $200).

It is appropriate to ask the patient whether or not they would like an estimate. Then the DA or Hygienist brings the patient, or responsible party, to the Scheduler or to Finance for payment, or to set up a financial agreement (whichever applies). Often the patient has insurance and wants to talk to someone about their policy before deciding how much treatment they can afford. It is TOO LATE to wait until fees are charged and the Finance Department is posting these fees to notice that a financial agreement needed to be set up. The DA can help Finance with collections just by knowing the above.