Hiring a Winning Team

Posted on December 7, 2013 by Sandy Pardue

The most successful practices have incredible teams. Your staff set the tone of the practice. They create the energy in the office; they affect everything in the environment: patient retention, referrals, collections and your happiness.

I often hear from practice owners that they aren’t happy with a current team member and they need to hire a replacement. The hiring process is overwhelming and it’s hard for them to confront, so they do nothing. Instead of replacing the person and moving forward, they put up with poor performance. Some are being held hostage in their own practice and many times a victim of practice sabotage; which adds a lot of stress.

When hiring a new team member, it is hard to know if you are hiring the right person to fit with the rest of team. Without a solid system for hiring, it could take years to find the right blend of personalities and talent for your practice. Hiring the wrong person and finding out a couple months down the road, can be costly.

Once you decide to start the hiring process, do not rush to hire the first warm body that walks through the door. Use the information shared in this article to guide you and help you establish a hiring system.

Have an Accurate Job Description for the Position

Once you determine the need to hire a new employee and you know the position that you are hiring for, review the current Job Description before going any further. There may be something you would like to change about it and now is the best time. You want to have this job description ready to present when you are interviewing. Be clear on the position duties ahead of time. Give prospective employees a full description of duties to avoid the perception that you’re adding on jobs later.

Create an Ad for the Position

You must first have the mindset that you are trying to recruit a qualified person that will come on board and make your life easier. Instead of writing a traditional ad that tells prospective employees how you want them to be “energetic,” “bright,” “friendly…, consider writing an ad in a way that you are promoting your practice to the applicants. Keep in mind that you are trying to draw interest and trying to get the best applicants to apply.