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How to Increase Your Hygiene Production

Posted on October 8, 2013 by Sandy Pardue

Production levels vary hygienist to hygienist, even in the same practice. This is because the types of services vary greatly, depending on the provider. The most important thing should be patient care. Many of the things that will help you improve patient care, will also help increase your individual production. The following are ideas to help raise production in the hygiene department.

1. Periodontal Program

a) Establish a Periodontal program and put it in writing so everyone can be trained and reference it

b) Place Antimicrobial agents (Arestin, Atridox, Perio Chip) per perio policy

c) Full Mouth Debridement utilized when necessary

d) Properly scheduling Periodontal Maintenance visits with proper coding

e) Perform six point probings and document each year, as recommended by ADA

2. Radiographs and Panorex

a) Utilize ADA recommendations: -3-5 years for Full Mouth x-rays or panorex -6 months to 1 year for bitewings

b) Take follow up periapical films to check progress of past endodontic treatment

c) Check on necessity to remove wisdom teeth

d) Check growth pattern of children’s teeth for orthodontia and TMJ syndrome

e) Check on abnormal resorption of bone and teeth

3. Fluoride/Varnish

a) Utilize adult fluoride for caries and sensitivity for adults as well as children

b) Utilize varnish for high risk caries

4. Bleaching -Promote bleaching, take impressions for trays

5. Place Sealants as indicated

6. Pulp test teeth when necessary

7. Remove overhang margins from fillings

8. Polish amalgams or other restorations when needed

9. Use fracfinder or fiberoptic light to check for cracks in sensitive teeth

10. Place temporary fillings when indicated

11.Desensitize sensitive areas on teeth

12. Consider a oral cancer screening system such as Vizilite

__When you have open time, talk with the scheduler and see if there is a patient already in the office that is due for hygiene.

Also, you can utilize a Quick Call List.__


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