Verbal Skills for Informing Staff & Patients a Team Member Has Left

Posted on August 1, 2014 by Sandy Pardue

As part of our office management training, I go over several verbal skills on telling patients and staff an employee has left or has given notice. Here are a few.

When a patient asks about a past employee:

“Samantha’s last day was this past Monday. We sure will miss her.” If they continue trying to get more information and often times they do, tell them something like, “Samantha left to pursue new opportunities and we wish her the best.”

Then go to another subject with the patient.

When you have to tell staff someone is leaving:

“I’m sad to announce that Emily has decided to move on and her last day will be August 5.” Say some complimentary things about her, about her work and things she did for the practice. You should add that although she will be missed, you wish her the best.

When you inform staff after you terminated a team member:

In the case of firing the employee you will say something like, “Unfortunately today was Brooke’s last day here at the office. We wish her the best of luck and we’ll be working on finding a replacement. We appreciate all of you helping in that area until we get someone hired.”

You want to remain positive about the employee when you let the staff and patients know they are leaving or have ready left. NEVER ever say anything negative about the past employee.