Key Computer Reports

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Sandy Pardue

Computer Reports tell you what is happening in your practice and they will help you find missed opportunities based on facts. Knowing your score is important when it comes to managing your business.

I recommend that you utilize the following reports from your computer software to keep your finger on the pulse of the practice:

1) Production by Provider, dentists and hygienists separately

2) Production by Procedure Codes- You will learn which procedures you are doing and which ones you are not doing.

3) Collections report- Pull for the past 3 months and compare to adjusted production over the same period, figure the percentage of adjusted production that was collected. It should be 98% to 99%.

4) A/R Report- how much money is owed to the practice. Look at account aging and work these accounts that are past due.

5) Insurance Aging- How much is owed to the practice by insurance companies. You will learn which claims need to be worked, this should be done every week, pick a day and stick with it.

6) Adjustment Report- pay attention to what you are writing off, PPO’s etc.

7) Report showing 4000 codes- what percentage are they of total hygiene production? They should be at least 20% in an established practice.

8) Recall Report- who is due without an appointment pay attention to this number and contact these patients.

9) New Patient Referrals- Know where your new patients are coming from. Thank referring patients and doctors.

10) Once a year January pull a report by last visit date. Learn who has not been in for seven months all the way to three years and do a massive mail out inviting these folks back. If blood is flowing through their veins, they need a dentist and I want it to be YOU.

Stay proactive!